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  • Administration and Management
  • 481 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Activities and Priorities

    P14-6737 Welcoming Remarks

    P14-6737_A Welcoming Remarks

    • Kelly Leone ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6738 Keynote Address

    P14-6738_A Keynote Address

    • Anne S Ferro ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6739 Trends in Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Data

    P14-6739_A Trends in Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Data

    • Jack Van Steenburg ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6905 MAP-21 Overview

    P14-6905_A MAP-21 Overview

    • ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6906 MotorCoach Safety Initiative

    P14-6906_A MotorCoach Safety Initiative

    • Joseph DeLorenzo ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6907 Policy and Research Presentation

    P14-6907_A Policy and Research Presentation

    • Larry W Minor ;

    Presentation, Poster

    Z14-481 Presiding Officer

    Z14-481_A Presiding Officer

    • Steven K Smith ;

    Presentation, Poster