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  • Administration and Management
  • 340 Providing Leadership in Transportation Innovation

    P14-7123 Federal Highway Administration Perspective

    P14-7123_A Federal Highway Administration Perspective

    • Victor M Mendez ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-7124 State DOT Perspective

    P14-7124_A State DOT Perspective

    • Carlos Braceras ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-7125 State DOT Perspective

    P14-7125_A State DOT Perspective

    • Barry Schoch ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-7126 Private Sector Perspective

    P14-7126_A Private Sector Perspective

    • Ogi Redzic ;

    Presentation, Poster

    Z14-340 Presiding Officer

    Z14-340_A Presiding Officer

    • Jeffrey F Paniati ;

    Presentation, Poster