Submit a Discussion

Attendees are welcome to submit a written discussion of any paper presented at the Annual Meeting. Written discussions will be considered for publication in the TRB Transportation Research Record series along with the paper being discussed. The author of the paper is given the opportunity to submit a written closure to the discussion. Please notify Rosa Allen at TRB by February 1, if you plan to submit a written discussion. When this notification is received, TRB staff will verify that the paper being discussed will be published and will provide the most recent version of the paper. This notification is therefore critical to ensure that all prepared discussions are used and to address issues in the most recent version of the paper in question.
The discussion manuscript should be submitted to Rosa Allen by April 15 in electronic format as a Microsoft Word file (6.0 or later version). For the criteria used for discussions and for information on how to submit discussions for papers, see the Information for Authors document online at the TRB Annual Meeting website, under the Participant and Attendee Guides.