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  • Administration and Management
  • 387 Automation in Road Transportation: Government Research Programs from the United States, European Union, and Japan

    P14-6194 The European Commission

    P14-6194_A The European Commission

    • Wolfgang Hoefs ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-7038 Japan

    P14-7038_A Japan

    • Yasuhiro Okumura ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-7039 U.S. Department of Transportation

    P14-7039_A U.S. Department of Transportation

    • Brian P Cronin ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-7040 U.S. Department of Energy

    P14-7040_A U.S. Department of Energy

    • Levi Tillemann ;

    Presentation, Poster

    Z14-387 Presiding Officer

    Z14-387_A Presiding Officer

    • Jane E Lappin ;

    Presentation, Poster