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  • Administration and Management
  • 130 Accessing and Using FHWA Transportation Databases: Highway Performance Monitoring System, Travel Monitoring Analysis System, and Series 500 Data

    P14-6438 Highway Performance Monitoring System

    P14-6438_A Highway Performance Monitoring System

    • Thomas Roff ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6439 National Bridge Inventory

    P14-6439_A National Bridge Inventory

    • Thomas D Everett ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6439_B National Bridge Inventory

    • Ann Shemaka ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6440 Freight Analysis Framework

    P14-6440_A Freight Analysis Framework

    • Edward L Strocko ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6440_B Freight Analysis Framework

    • Peter Bang ;

    Presentation, Poster

    P14-6441 Update on Large Multiyear Data Sets at FHWA

    P14-6441_A Update on Large Multiyear Data Sets at FHWA

    • David R Winter ;

    Presentation, Poster

    Z14-130 Presiding Officer

    Z14-130_A Presiding Officer

    • Shashi S Nambisan ;

    Presentation, Poster